TRAIL MIXESFestive Snack Box



We have put together our best sellers and created the perfect festive snack box for you and your family or as a decadent gift.

This box includes:

1x DailyFix Strawberry & Yogurt Granola 350g

1x Daybreak Berry Fusion Granola 50g

1x Daybreak Tropical Granola 50g

1x Salad Days Chia & Cacao 100g

1x Salad Days Crispy Onion 60g

1x Salad Days Chili & Seeds 100g

1x Cranberry Burst 50g

1x Forest Fruits with a Swirl 50g

1x Tropical with a Twist 50g

1x Trail Mix with a Zing 50g

1x Berry & Mixed Nuts 100g

1x Orange & Dark Chocolate 100g

1x Pineapple & Macadamia 100g

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